This Is How They punish Rapist In These 9 Countries

Punishment of Rape in Different Countries Around the World!


7. IRAN:




According to Islamic law, death penalty is essential for rapists. A rapist is given a death sentence in Iran. Even for other crimes, death is the penalty. Sometimes, the rape victim settles the case by taking compensation. In such a case, the rapist gets away with 100 lashes and sometimes imprisonment.




8. Russia:




In Russia, the convict has to serve a term of imprisonment for 3+ years which can go up to 30 years depending on the harm done to the victim.




9. India:




India made its rape punishment laws even stronger after the Anti-Rape Bill passed in 2013. The rapist is either given an imprisonment of 14 years and in rarest of the rarest case, the rapist is hanged to the death.

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