11 Mysteries That Remained Unsolved

11 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Nobody Can Explain


1. The missing MH370 flight:




Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 which lost contact with air traffic controllers and went off the radar in March 2014 still has no sign of closure. An entire plane with 239 people aboard disappearing into thin air is one of the biggest mysteries of the decade. The search is still on and there is no sight of the crash site yet.




2. The Patomskiy Crater:




In 1949, geologist Vadim Kolpakov set off on an expedition to Siberia, not realizing that he was about to discover one of the strangest unsolved mysteries in the world: the Patomskiy crater. As Kolpakov traveled deep into almost uncharted territory, the local Yakut people warned him not to go on, explaining that there was an evil place deep in the woods that even the animals avoided. They called it the “Fire Eagle Nest” and claimed that people would start to feel unwell near it—and some would simply disappear without a trace.

A man of science, Kolpakov was not put off by these stories. But even he was at a loss to explain what he found deep in the Siberian forests. A giant crater, the size of “a 25-story building,” reared up out of the trees. Up close it resembled a volcano mouth, but Kolpakov knew that there had been no volcanoes in the area for at least a few million years. This crater looked relatively newly formed—Kolpakov estimated it as around 250 years old, a figure supported by later studies of nearby tree growth. Interestingly, the trees also seemed to have undergone a period of accelerated growth similar to that seen in the forests around Chernobyl.

Since the discovery of the crater, there have been many theories as to what (or who) could have created it. Some people, including Kolpakov, have speculated that it might have been formed by a meteorite, although the crater does not resemble any other known meteorite site. Others are convinced that it was indeed a volcano. Many even think that there is a UFO hidden underneath the crater. In 2005, an expedition was launched in the hopes of finding some answers—but then tragedy struck. The leader of the expedition died of a heart attack just a few kilometers away from the site. The locals were convinced it was the “evil” crater that led to his death.




3. The ships filled with corpses being sent to Japan:




Mysterious wrecked ships carrying decomposing bodies were found off Japan’s northwestern coast. More than 30 boats were found in 2015. There were around 65 boats the year before and 80 in 2013. Many suspect that it is the doing of North Korea, as the ship had a scrap of cloth resembling a torn bit of the North Korean flag! However, this is still not confirmed.


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