Top 5 countries to travel in world

Top 5 countries to travel

Have you started planning your trips for 2017? If you’re taking turns looking at the map and the various travel sites with a quizzical expression, take heart, there is help at hand. The question now is, would you rather want to relax on a beach than go skiing on icy Alps? Does history intrigue you more than finding out the exact name of the tree you just crossed? Or would you rather visit temples and wash away all those sins? To end all this confusion and help you make a decision, Lonely Plant, the popular travel guide, is out with its list of best destinations for 2017. Click through to find out the Top 5 countries on the list.
#1 Ethiopia: This place of ancient culture has among its important sites Lalibela with its rock-cut Christia churches from the 12-13th centuries. The country has Aksum, which is the ruins of an ancient city with obelisks, tombs, castles and Our Lady Mary of Zion churchimages

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