New-Age Indian Wedding Vows To Make Your Marriage Stronger

Make Your Marriage Stronger

The major part of every wedding is ‘the vows’, or ‘the saat vachan’, that every couple has to take as they tie the knot of togetherness. These vows are culturally very significant, but with changing times, there seems some need to revamp the traditional promises, and add something new to them.

Well if you wish, there is certainly room for those pledges to turn into personal statements of your love and commitment.

1. Respect individual space:




One of you could be the one burning midnight oil and other could be an early morning bird. Valuing this diversity in your relationship will keep both of you in a happy space. While it is fun to do a lot of things together; spending some quality time with yourself is important too. After all, maintaining a little distance will only make the hearts grow fonder, right?




2. Role-reversal:





In fast-paced urban life, it is hardly about ‘who wears the pants’ or ‘who dons the apron in the kitchen’. Since you are equals and a team, your tasks shouldn’t be gender-based. Just because you are a man, you shouldn’t shy away from preparing the meals; and despite being the wife, you too can provide the bread for your family. Rather, take turns and go for a role-reversal, forgetting about the social stigma. Swapping the work will help you both understand each other better.


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