Reasons Why compatibility Matters in a Relationship ……

“Compatibility matters in a relationship “

wpid-cute-realtionship-quotes-3-jpg1COMPATIBILITY plays a very crucial role in a relationship . And also ; many relationships fail due to the existence of incompatibility that makes the partners unhappy . Well , according to me it does matters a lot . It’s because the relationships need not just sex but also similar opinions on certain situations. As one would say, it is a deep thing to dig about but still here are points that reveals Why having compatibility makes a relationship more interesting . Such reasons are :-  “LESS ARGUMENTS  ” Why I said “less” is because arguments are part of a relationships but having a compatible feelings result into having lesser fights . Next reason is ” SHARED INTEREST ” :- Being compatible means sharing same interest that makes a relationship last .If you fall into category of shared interest than you must’ve observed that your relationship takes less effort to make each-other happy . One of the main reason is  ” ROMANTIC OUTCOMES ” :- It is always been observed that a connection between partners spice up a relationships more . And also, if they share similar interest than chances are based on that compatibility the couple enjoy romantic outcomes . and last reason is ” LONG SUCCESS ” :- Unhappy is another side of coin that results incompatibility . But if two of you are engaged into having a pleasant life than chances are your relationship will definitely climb the success ladder . These are the reasons compatibility matters in a relationships . As talking about the compatibility factor  ; if two people different from each other than that doesn’t mean you aren’t compatible because even opposite attract .plus compatibility can be built up with understanding as well

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