We all admire Bollywood stars as insipirational personalities and we all imitiate them specially the youth so for bollywood stars this become a matter of  responsibility because whatever they do much of the youth do the same but some time we came across the news which are hard to believe so here is the video where bollywood stars have ugly fight  with media

The video present above depicts a video of Bollywood celebrities who fought with media or replied ugly to the media. Initially, Salman Khan and then Deepika reacted ugly to media. Then a press conference of Happy New Year movie showcased in which a media person said Baman Irani is much younger than Shah Rukh Khan.

On that Shah Rukh Khan reacted ugly and said “Tu khuch bhi bol sakta hai bhai, ye sabha tere baap ki hai jo tujhe bolna hai bol le”. After that a scenario was showcased in which Deepika and Arjun Kapoor are standing in a press conference and Deepika reacted ugly to media.

Then Salman Khan reacted ugly to a media person when he asked some personal life question to him. Then in another scene, Salman Khan speaks about some stand and said I want this to be happened and I want them to make me knee down.

In that Salman Khan showcased a bad phase of media in which media edits the photographs and modifies the statement and depicts them in the form whichever they want.

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